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Pat the Zombie: a perfect parody of Pat the Bunny

"Far too often, parodies are poorly done and not very funny. I think it's because they don't honor the things that they are parodying. Pat the zombie is a rare example of a parody done right." <h/t> Mark Frauenfelder



'Pat the Bunny' Gets Zombie Makeover interview with the creators of Pat the Zombie

"...they've both been reading the original "Pat the Bunny" to their kids for years and admitted that after so many nights of reading the cutesy classic, they finally snapped. "  Read the full Interview »


Do Babies Make Good Zombies? Author Aaron Ximm Answers.
LA Weekly Blogs

"Zombies really never get enough credit for their Bodhisattva like serenity. My hunch is that that has something to do with them transcending the fear of death." Read the full interview »



"Traumatize Your Children with Pat the Zombie"
Incredible Things

"If you want to soothe your children to sleep at the end of a long day, sit down with them, and read Pat the Bunny. If, on the other hand, you'd rather scare the crap out of them, you could read Pat the Zombie to them before bed."



Pat the (Zombie) Book previewed on Ohdeedoh

"P.S. – Is nothing sacred?" Link »